We Empower Asset Management

Digitalization of Asset Management

Access Your 3D-Network Model of Line Routes from wherever You Are

  • Work with reliable and comprehensive data whatever software you use incl. i.e. GIS, ERP
  • Start automated workflows directly out of your 3D Network model, i.e. workforce orders, …
  • Use desktop response to customers, complaints, regional councils, treatment authorities
  • Integrate location based technology into work tools and equipment

Optimize Inspection

  • Focus on risk, changing areas and assets
  • Reduce, lengthen or eliminate in-field and/or other airborne inspection cycles
  • Work with location data reflecting real world spatial location and your network „as built“
  • Use advanced algorithm for fault and risk detection (e.g. digital photo recognition)

Lower Costs of Vegetation Management

  • Completely substitute ground based investigation
  • Focus on high priority / fast growing vegetation within vegetation zones
  • Avoid unnecessary cutting and excessive treatments with better vegetation management and auditing of treatment contractors

Reinforce Predictive Maintenance Strategy

  • Address immediate risk
  • Use complex simulations, i.e. thermal line expansion, conductor position, snow, icing accretion, flood inundation to deepen / broaden your asset knowledge
  • Create comprehensive reports on asset condition and performance based on regulatory and utility specific requirements
  • Get detailed data on clearances, including ground based clearance of conductors, conductor clash clearance, potential breaches of phase to phase (intercircuit clearances) and circuit to circuit conductor clashing
  • Optimize your line work activities by developing standard solutions for risk management and mitigation

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